Written With Sacredness

droplet resize

As I sit here before the computer,  my stomach feels tight.  Maybe, I haven’t had the chance to nurture myself much today and to truly let go and relax.  I am, obviously holding something there, an unexpressed sentiment.   On the other hand, another feeling is there, in the background, desiring to come to the foreground, like a wave to envelope me: this blog writing is a sacred process.  Each time I sit at this computer,  I will be gifting something and, perhaps, become part of a larger conversation .  A mediation will happen.  Clarity will grow with how I may benefit the planet and the beauty of each person’s unique role in being a positive force in this world, like individual droplets that add up to an ocean.  This is me and beyond me.  Something larger.  Amen.

Special thanks to “Fir0002/Flagstaffotos” for the water droplet photo.


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