The Smells And Sounds of Autumn in Brooklyn


Each season has unique sounds, smells and, of course, visuals.  The visuals are more obvious, so I will focus on the other senses.  I kind of forced myself to go for a walk and enjoy the gradually cooling weather.  I am urban nature lady, am I not?

One thing about living in NYC is that nature sounds are not so abundant.  When I walk down any street with significant traffic, that pretty much drowns out any bird calls or wind rustling through the trees. Plus, there are fewer trees on busier streets, so, hence fewer birds.  Kind of a sad thing for me. If I want some nature sound therapy (one of my favorite things), I have to find a quiet side street not close to a busy street.

What I heard tonight was indescribably beautiful.  To describe it sounds like nothing– I heard a gentle breeze through the trees.  However, there was a subtle delicacy, so refined, organic and intrinsic as if the wind had the most gentle, celestial fingers playing the leaves like a harp.

Also, of worthy note is that smell of smoke that I love in autumn.  Someone must have a fireplace or burned their leaf pile.  And, the coolness of the air traveling up my nostrils, was like a soothing menthol.  Ahhhhhh, autumn.


7 responses to “The Smells And Sounds of Autumn in Brooklyn

  1. you NEED to be in the woods!

  2. why did you close comments about Christmas trees? Anyways I thought it was a good article and I always buy a potted one and plant it on my property . . .

    • How do I turn the comments back on for this article?

      • go to ‘dashboard’ . . . then ‘settings’ . . . then ‘discussion’ . . .

        go over all the checks and make sure there are no errors . . . undo/redo all the checks . . . .

        other than that I don’t know cause I think it may be a bug. you have to check with wordpress guys . . . good luck

  3. I did not know I that I turned the comments off or even how to do that. Thanks for your comment! 🙂

  4. I fixed the closed comment problem on blog post, “Sustainable Christmas Tree Choices” 😉

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