Nature Doesn’t Rush


One of the things, that my boyfriend and I seek to do is to enjoy play-dates in nature.  Back in early October, we hadn’t had a nature excursion for over a month. During that span of time, things had become a bit strained between us.  It seemed like, despite our best intentions to nurture ourselves and our relationship, much of our time spent together was logistical and stressful.  As we strained to get the cooking, cleaning, pet-care, errands, work and commuting done, we weren’t present to each other.   It seems kind of crazy that is the norm in our society—being varying degrees of spread thin.

That said, our relationship was feeling very blah.  However, we finally made plans to enjoy one of the last summer-like days of the season at the ocean.  As we drove in the ride-share car out of Queens into Long Island, it felt like the energy between us lightened.   As soon as I got to the ocean, away from NYC, I just felt different.   The energy of the ocean was rhythmic and soothing.  I felt it like a vital force that filled my being.  I felt my heart open and my purpose become clearer.  The forgotten magic flowed between my partner and I again.  Once out of the energy of have-to, chores, work (neither of us make $ at our passions yet) and time-constraint, the love, understanding and playfulness was there clear and strong.

The very next day, the magic, non-rushed energy started to disappear.  I saw my partner’s face look distracted and no longer present, as he mulled over work plans and time seemed, yet again, constrained.  He had to go to work, even though he had intended to take the day off.  However, he still wanted to go out for tea with me beforehand and also do a playful power-walk/jog.  I wanted to eat before we had tea.  I looked up at the clock beginning to calculate how much time would be needed to do dishes, cook, eat, go for a walk-jog and then have tea.  I felt like there was very little time and that I must rush (on my day off, no less).  I instantly started to feel nauseous.  It had never been so clear before.  I was off course.

You see, nature doesn’t rush.  We have designed our society  in many ways contrary to nature and our own true nature.  And that is the adventure and passionate challenge I have set out to explore—creating a life nurturing to me and inspiring others to do the same, where we share our gifts and live in harmony with the Earth.


2 responses to “Nature Doesn’t Rush

  1. imagine tossing that clock into the sea . . . and living life like it was meant to be. . . .

    girl you are young enough to do it, don’t wait . . . or hesitate.

    Mother is calling! . . . 🙂

  2. I know! You are so right! I wrote that article back in early October before I launched this blog. I, actually, got laid off a month ago, so I am using the opportunity to create the life I want and bust free of some self-limiting stuff.

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