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Recommended Movie: Dirt!


It’s no secret; documentaries are my favorite genre of movies, especially those that address environmental issues in an inspiring and empowering way. Dirt! is no exception. I watched this movie a second time (the first time was about 2 years ago), because I knew I wanted to share about it in an articulate way.

Dirt! explores the importance of soil to the entire well-being of the planet, people included. If the Earth is Gaia, a living entity unto itself, then dirt is the skin of this beautiful creature. And, hello, we are part of this living entity, made up of the same elements that are in the soil. Anything that harms the soil, harms us.

I learned many amazing things from this vibrant movie (with cute little micro-organism animations, to boot), like the ills of monocrops and artificial fertilizers, how desertification is caused and how conventional farming methods have led to poverty rather than feeding the world as they have proclaimed. Artificial fertilizers, for example, used in conventional monocrop farms, have a nitrogen run-off that flows into streams, rivers and ultimately coastal waters, causing excessive algae bloom and decomposition which depletes oxygen from the oceans and ends up killing the marine life.

While Dirt! brings much needed awareness as to how certain human practices, such as the use of artificial fertilizers, are not sustainable to the health of the planet and its people, it also provides inspiration and solutions, as every good documentary should.


THRIVE: recommended movie


Dear Reader, as I take steps to launch a green lifestyle business where I help individuals make healthier, greener choices and, ultimately, make a difference on this planet, I was struck by many questions.  How do we, as citizens of the planet, create global change?  Why are we still dependent on petroleum and what can we do about that?  It seems strange to me that with advanced technologies like the latest smart-phone or the ability to send space probes to Mars or the latest warfare technologies (yikes!), that we still don’t have affordable, completely clean energy vehicles on the market or that conventional gas cars even still exist.

With these questions brewing inside me, I decided ask my Facebook friends, if there were any books or movies they could recommend about” how change is made on a more global scale.” One person recommended, THRIVE: What On Earth Will It Take?  I had been recommended that movie before, even though I didn’t know what it was about, so I set out to watch it that evening.  It can be seen for free on YouTube.

For me, watching THRIVE was life-changing and the missing puzzle piece, shining a light on the root of many of our world issues, including the environment, while also sharing the solutions, because who wants to be given a lot of problems and feel fearful and helpless?  We want to know how we can make a difference.

To see a synopsis of the movie, please go to: