The One Thing Even More Important for Your Diet Than Healthy Food

Well being starts from within.

Well being starts from within.

Have you ever been fatigued, under the weather or in less than optimal health, for an extended time, in spite of a very healthy diet?

A while back, I had this on and off slight sinus infection or slight scratchiness of the throat for several months.   At the time, I was on a protocol for a non-related health issue, taking heavy duty immune boosters and antioxidants.  I had also increased my vegetable intake,  reduced my sugar intake and was eating very little gluten and dairy (I was supposed to have none, but I cheated occasionally.) As a health foodie,  in general, I eat predominately organic and unrefined foods. So, experiencing frequent under-the-weatherness did not make sense to me.

There were times that I thought I wasn’t eating perfectly enough.  I, also, thought that I might have a hidden food or environmental allergy/sensitivity.  I felt like the proverbial mule chasing the dangling carrot– if only I had more self-control and ate more purely.  If could limit my dark chocolate intake to twice a week and have gluten/dairy once or twice a month, then all would be well.  But something in that pursuit of perfection didn’t feel right to me.  It felt kind of like an admonishing authority figure taking up real estate in my head or like a skipping record playing  the same message over and over again, but not being effective.  It didn’t feel flowing and expansive.  I realized my focus was in the wrong direction in helping myself.

There have been times in my life where I have eaten more gluten, dairy and sweet treats while taking no immune supportive and antioxidant supplements.  And guess what?  I rarely got slightly under-the-weather or full-blown sick.  Connecting the dots and feeling into the natural intuitive gifts we all possess, I realized that my state of being was the prime cause of of my reoccurring experience of feeling “slightly” not well.

Our state of being (thoughts, emotions and, ultimately, the way we perceive reality) is something we eat 24-7.  Let’s face it, everything  is energy.  This is a scientific fact proven by quantum physics. So, when we are experiencing chronic underlying tension in our lives, that is a particular energy effecting our denser energy– i.e. our physical body.  I firmly believe one could eat the most PERFECT diet (whatever that means to you) and if your general state of being is not supportive and nurturing to you,  your body will be negatively impacted.  To me, while a healthy diet is very powerful, a healthy state of being is even more powerful.

That said, once I realized that perfecting my diet was not going to solve my sinus/throat issues, I started to look within.  I started to realize that I was experiencing a chronic, subtle tension in my life: not feeling nurtured by my romantic relationship.  Not sure how to deal with it, I focused on my life-purpose goals instead.  I didn’t want to say the same things over and over again to my beloved partner like a broken record to no avail, so I unsuccessfully tried to clear my frustrations on my own.  Eventually,  I noticed I wasn’t being honest with myself or my partner.  Being honest was scary and might have meant some big changes I felt unprepared for. Looking back, it’s no wonder that my physical symptoms were showing up in the mouth area, our primary means of expression.

I started to realize our lives are holistic.  If one part of our life isn’t flowing well, it effects the whole.  It was totally silly of me to explore following my heart in my career life while not dealing with my heart in my intimate life, as if they were separate entities. So, one day, I just couldn’t take it anymore and with mutually prayerful intentions, my partner and I candidly shared our needs, frustrations and what each of us wanted to create romantically, like really shooting for the stars, rather than just settling for “good enough” or tolerable.  As I shared from my most heart-felt authentic place and listened deeply,  I felt intense sensations in my upper chest and also where my neck connects with my jaw.  These sensations were sharp, like electrical currents that suddenly fired. I also started to feel a big pressure on the roof of my mouth.  Although a bit painful, all of these sensations felt positive, like a heavy weight was finally being released.  Ahhhhhh. I started to feel physically and emotionally better.

So, if your state of being can either nourish you like a healthy delicious meal or leave you feeling clogged, jittery and uncomfortable like eating a whole box of cookies in one sitting, how can you better take care of your state of being?  Do you take time to just be?  Do you meditate?  Do you give yourself time to digest and process the happenings in your life and to become present to what you truly feel? Do you take walks in the park or in nature?  Do you move and exercise your body in ways that feel good and free up the flow in your body? Are you able to express and explore your true feelings with both yourself and your loved ones? Are you a good listener?   Do you love the work you do? If not, are you committed to exploring what a nurturing work life would look like for you and to take steps to create that?

As you take time to nurture you state of being, be freely expressed, and listen more deeply to yourself and others, your thoughts, emotions and perceptions of reality will naturally change, thus making a healthy change to your energetic diet.  So, tune into yourself right now.  What, in this moment, would be the most yummy and supportive for you?  Maybe, you’re stressed and you just need to scream into your pillow.  Maybe, you just want to take some deep,  heart-felt  breaths.  Or maybe, you have an overwhelming urge to take a walk and gaze at the moon.  Trust whatever comes to you and enjoy a healthier life lived more fully, moment to moment.


8 responses to “The One Thing Even More Important for Your Diet Than Healthy Food

  1. I absolutely agree with you, Erin. State of mind is so important to general health and well-being. Well said!

  2. Emotional problems absolutely identify themselves on a physical level. Personally, I don’t typically worry too much about eating raw and all that fun stuff. I know that if I put that much focus on my diet, I would likely stress my system more than what the processed foods I consume do. I do keep an awareness of what I consume though and do my best to maintain a balance while avoiding over-consumption of foods lacking in nutritional value. It was interesting, during my first visit to South Korea a couple of summers ago I had the opportunity to have a free check-up from a traditional Korean doctor – they seemed surprised that their tests indicated that I seem quite healthy!

    It actually surprised me quite a bit too, as several years prior I was in quite a depressed state with a lot of muscular issues – a lot of hurt coming from the relationship part of my life. Anyways, yes, looking after your emotional well-being should be a top priority!

    • Hi Jason, I meant to reply to this earlier. That is the downside of reading comments on my phone and waiting until I get on my computer to thoughtfully comment and then forgetting to.

      Anyway, yes, I resonate with trying to eat too perfectly is stressful. I started an elimination diet (eliminating a lot of potential allergen foods to cleanse the system and later identify potential food allergens). My diet was very restricted at the time and felt joyless. I was miserable. After that experience, I realized I already intuitively knew what foods I was sensitive to and need to trust myself. And that I didn’t need to torture myself to find out what I already knew.

      • Erin, I think that’s a great perspective! It can be good to experiment with including foods that you are sensitive to in small portions occasionally to allow your body a chance to learn how to better process them, too. That’s actually a way researchers are battling peanut allergies – with some success. The human body is quite amazing in the signals it gives us and its ability to adapt.

      • That’s a really good insight. Thank you Jason! I have actually noticed that sometimes I feel sensitive to something and sometimes not.

  3. I have learned to relax . . . eat what I want in balance . . . work hard . . . and avoid bad vibrations.

    71, still fit, still building, still sensing the vibe before I enter, quite content . . . balance is the answer . . .

    At your age I was crazy wild, but life has a way of training us even if we fight and scream all the way to the corral . . .:-)

  4. Thanks for sharing your words of wisdom. I am probably older than you think 😉

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