Flow versus Force: Finding Ease In Your Green Journey

Sometimes Small Green Steps Create Bigger Change


What Does Going Green Mean To You?

What started you on your green journey?  Have your reasons evolved over time?For me, my initial interest in going green was to reduce garbage.  The idea of mounds of stuff accumulating in landfills (some of it never biodegrading) really bothered me.

Over time, as I learned more about sustainability and evolved personally, my reasons multiplied and deepened.  For me, going green is about living in harmony with Earth, consuming from a balanced place and a wholesome, healthy and vibrant way of living.

On a global level, I care for about how people, animals, plants and ecosystems  are effected by pollution and habitat destruction. I feel part of a new consciousness taking root where every action considers the whole, where we feel empowered to create an abundant world that mirrors our hearts, where businesses and governments are created from a place that honors and nourishes all life.

Creating New Habits

So, what creates change?  Zooming back into to things on a more personal scale, I believe, that small steps can often be more powerful.  Perhaps, what applies on a personal level can apply on a global level.   Going green is no different from any other way you may change and evolve as a person.  For example, many years ago, I wanted to eat way less sugar for health reasons, BUT I was very addicted to sweets. A few times I made dramatic short-term changes, like going on a candida cleanse.   However, after such a dramatic change in behavior, my dominant habits that I had for many years, soon returned (albeit, slightly improved).

Over the years, however, my intake of sugar has naturally decreased without much force or will-power.  Why is that?  For one thing, I was working on myself to become more present, peaceful and clear in my life purpose. Shedding some emotional baggage in my life has made it easier for me to not emotionally eat and also to be more in tune with my inner rhythms and what truly nourishes me.  Plus, I was sincerely interested in eating wholesomely.  I believe any authentic dedication will eventually take root and blossom.  Also, when I chose the path of least resistance, the changes more likely stuck.  Over time, those changes added up to big results.

Going green is much the same thing.  Celebrate what you already are doing now and see what new steps you are ready to take next.  Remember, new habits form better in bite sizes.   Right now, I want to go to the next level in weening myself off of plastic.  After seeing this YouTube video and going to this website with plastic-free products, I felt both inspired and a bit overwhelmed.   I thought to myself, “well, I can do more to eliminate plastic from my life, but what about about supplements that are for my cat’s health condition that come in plastic bottles?  What about protein powders that come in plastic containers?  I don’t want to give them up.  Do I have to bake my own gluten-free bread?  I don’t like baking.  It takes too much time. ” And then, I saw the price of some plastic-free alternatives, and I was like “wow, I am going to have to earn more money to live plastic-free.” 

Let me share a little secret with you: when we feel overwhelmed, we are not in a peaceful and present place and, therefore,  not capable of making empowering decisions.   So, just chill.  Take some deep breaths with me and trust the process.  Ahhhhh, good.   So, how about this? Pick 3 new habits you can explore and incorporate over the next few weeks.  Make it fun and enjoy trying something new.

Here are my 3 new habits to explore incorporating into my life:

  1. Find a store that sells organic, bulk spices and get a few reusable spice containers.
  2. Try soap nuts for doing laundry.
  3. Grow my own sprouts to put in salads.
  4. I am adding a fourth as a bonus.  It’s not quite a habit I ready to form yet, but I  am curious to explore different types of snack-foods that are either easy to make or come in sustainable packaging.

After you’re in a peaceful place, feel into the inspiration and where the flow is.  As you explore new alternatives and develop new habits, you will become an inspiration for others.  Those that walk the talk in an inspiring way, without preaching, positively impact others. And for those others habits that may seem like a struggle to incorporate, take a step back and trust that you will be ready when the time is ripe or you will find an alternate way that works better for you.  This sort of attitude creates an open space for more powerful change and, ultimately, makes you a more empowered citizen of the Earth.


10 responses to “Flow versus Force: Finding Ease In Your Green Journey

  1. Well said 🙂 Big changes are overwhelming to contemplate and stressful to implement. Small changes of any kind, whether it be dietary or green, are manageable and more likely to stick. So small and steady wins the race!

  2. What a fantastic post – it pretty much sums up why I’m trying to go green too. I completely agree that it can be overwhelming to try and do everything at once (I particularly feel overwhelmed by plastic too!), so your idea of focusing on a few new habits is great! 🙂

    • Thank you, Joanna. When I saw the YouTube video on going plastic-free and felt my own overwhelm and resistance, I realized how other people must feel going green. I thought to myself, while I am all for taking on the challenge, the deep dedication and amazing beautiful adventure of living in harmony with the Earth, I also have to realize that it is a huge change for myself and others, so bite sizes and finding the flow is how to make it all manageable and inspiring.

      • Yes, exactly, you have to take it at a pace that suits you – no point in making yourself feel worse whilst you’re going green!

  3. Very informative. Thanks for the info about soap nuts. I was unfamiliar with them until I read your post. They sound great and I kind of want to try them, but I do wonder about their environmental footprint if they are shipped all the way from Asia? I’ve been thinking of trying washing soda… perhaps I will try that first.
    I wish it was easier for us to avoid plastics. Thanks for helping to raise awareness around this. I know this issue is much more complicated than just individual consumer choices. But I do think much could be improved if people stopped being completely unconscious about their impact.

  4. Hi Ruth, yes, you’re right about the soap nuts. Too bad about that. It would be great if all of our transportation was carbon neutral, which is totally possible. Yes, I was thinking about using soda wash as well. I have to confess that my eco mind is now asking how if components that make up soda wash (extraction and processing) are environmentally friendly, along with the packaging. Though, I still think it is a smarter choice than many options.

    That aside, I resonate that the issue of plastic is more complicated than consumer choices. It involves government and corporations that back our government that are addicted to the petroleum industry. And also the information we are fed (which is very limited) via traditional media and schools. People are conditioned to not be aware beyond the immediate with a product and also to not question if what they read in the paper or hear on the news is true.

    Additionally, we often leave our power in the hands of the minority (government and corporations) and there is a certain mass consciousness of helpless and not knowing the light our true power.

    So, yes, amazing insights Ruth!

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