Erin Bio

My name is Erin Kurnik. I am a Certified Eco-Consultant offering green lifestyle consultations to individuals and businesses. I am trained in energy efficiency, toxic-free living, water conservation and recycling and waste reduction.

Beyond that, I am passionate about the Earth on all levels: the beautiful multitude of nature’s landscapes and small details that can inspire me into states of awe, peace and aliveness, sometimes transporting me to another dimension mysterious altogether; the vibrant variety of food and medicinal plants that add life-force and well-being to our bodies and souls; the interconnected intelligence of the Earth’s eco-systems, where I believe some of the solutions to our current environmental issues lie.

I am also passionate about people. I care deeply about the well-being of humanity and wish for the evolution of our species to blossom into peaceful, nourishing coexistence with each other, while living in harmony with this incredible planet.

I often think about, what if products, services and systems were designed differently, from a different consciousness, where the awareness of interconnectedness (we are an integral part of the eco-system and not separate as we have been led to believe) and the rhythms of nature came into play? What if, instead of designing things to be lower impact and less damaging/polluting, we threw away the “less bad” consciousness in favor of participating both in the flourishing of our eco-systems and the enrichment of our personal lives and communities through intelligent design.

That said, my intention in the creation of this blog or any services I may offer, is to inspire human-earth potential which is, simply put, creating and living in a way that is mutually nourishing and abundant for people and planet. On a practical note, some of my blog articles and services explore what eco options are currently available for your green lifestyle. In this, I seek to assist you in cultivating the habits/choices that make the most sense for you in your unique green path and support the well-being of you your loved ones. Ultimately, however, I want to push the envelope of what it means to live in harmony with the Earth and offer new possibilities beyond current green options and paradigm and empower each other in the expression of our unique contributions in the human-earth potential.


4 responses to “Erin Bio

  1. I stumbled upon your blog from a reblog by jjwalters. I look forward to reading more of your posts!

    Be good to yourself.

  2. I found you through Anne, I am happy to connect with like minded people.

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