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Recommended Movie: Dirt!


It’s no secret; documentaries are my favorite genre of movies, especially those that address environmental issues in an inspiring and empowering way. Dirt! is no exception. I watched this movie a second time (the first time was about 2 years ago), because I knew I wanted to share about it in an articulate way.

Dirt! explores the importance of soil to the entire well-being of the planet, people included. If the Earth is Gaia, a living entity unto itself, then dirt is the skin of this beautiful creature. And, hello, we are part of this living entity, made up of the same elements that are in the soil. Anything that harms the soil, harms us.

I learned many amazing things from this vibrant movie (with cute little micro-organism animations, to boot), like the ills of monocrops and artificial fertilizers, how desertification is caused and how conventional farming methods have led to poverty rather than feeding the world as they have proclaimed. Artificial fertilizers, for example, used in conventional monocrop farms, have a nitrogen run-off that flows into streams, rivers and ultimately coastal waters, causing excessive algae bloom and decomposition which depletes oxygen from the oceans and ends up killing the marine life.

While Dirt! brings much needed awareness as to how certain human practices, such as the use of artificial fertilizers, are not sustainable to the health of the planet and its people, it also provides inspiration and solutions, as every good documentary should.




I AM: Recommended Movie


I know I have seen a good movie when I still think about it a week later.   I know I have seen a great movie when I feel like it has changed me in some positive way.  I AM, may just be that movie.

Something about this movie inspired me to open my heart to the next level.  It just so happens that,  right before the movie,  I was in a funk– of the intimate relationship sort.  I was feeling a nice salad  mixture of helplessness, frustration and stuckness.  Suddenly, the wiser, self-preservation part of me kicked in and gave me the urge to watch I AM, if only to interrupt my funk with something positive and uplifting.

This movie is a MUST see.  In this movie,  Tom Shadyac, director of Ace Ventura, shares how a traumatic injury changed his view of reality.  He then goes on a quest, speaking with different intellectual and spiritual leaders, about what is wrong with our world and what we can do about it.  Backed by science and how change has been made historically, I AM makes a compelling case for how we can empower ourselves to be part of the solution.  If you have ever felt despair and helpless when thinking of the enormity of our world issues and what you can do about them (as I have), then please see I AM. 

On a personal note,  by the time, my beloved came home from work (I was half-way through watching I AM), I was  in a totally difference space– the kind of space where I could have a positive impact on our relationship and see things more clearly.  I was, in essence, very personally experiencing I AM’s message. 

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